About Gianmarco

I am a UX/UI designer. And a web designer. And a product designer. Sometimes I'm also a graphic designer but that's because I'm the only person nearby with an Adobe subscription.

tl;dr I can make stuff for you. Online.

I spent my first term at Arizona State University in the Graphic Design program, but eventually declared Graphic Information Technology as my major. GIT is a self-selected set of classes that provides experience across multiple design and media disciplines. My focus was in User Experience, including classes like Interaction Design Theory, Information Design & Usability, and Advanced Web Markup & Scripting. In the end, I got a cool piece of paper!

tl;dr BS in UX focused GIT from ASU.

My work at startups building webapps taught me Figma, Ruby, and Git, with heavy focus on user interface and experience. Freelancing gave me a solid foundation in HTML, CSS, and identity branding. My corporate experience includes extensive CMS experience in WordPress, Sitecore, and sadly, Jira.

tl;dr I have used: Figma, HTML/CSS, Adobe, WordPress, and more!

When I am not at work, I am probably just reading Wikipedia.

tl;dr This guy sounds lame.

Wait, no! this guy is actually very hirable!Wait, no! this guy is actually very hirable!Wait, no! this guy is actually very hirable!

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