The Village Tavern 

Type Restaurant

Role Web Design

Languages WordPress, Beaver Builder

The Village Tavern is a small restaurant in Connecticut. Serving Italian-American food, it had an active social media presence and needed a place to lead customers to place reservations and get in contact for events.

The logo was provided by the client, but the rest of the site was designed and branded by me.

WordPress + Beaver Builder

Web Design

Originally built on Bootstrap, the site was well fitted for high SEO rank with extensive Schema markup and a strong hierarchy. However, as the client handed the restaurant's daily activites to the lower management, they required a CMS for easier updating as business improved.

Beaver Builder allowed a close 1-for-1 match with the previous layout, with a slight tradeoff for structure. With strong management of accessibility necessities like alt tags, the site is able to maintain its ranking. The gallery is easy to reorganize and add or remove images from, and the form makes it much easier for customer to get in contact than waiting for the manager to get to the phone.



Menu Design

Taking typographic cues from the website, the menu uses a strict grid system to fit the large text in a readable format. To reduce printing costs, the client requested a menu with no color.


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