Type Website

Role Web Design

Languages HTML, SCSS, JavaScript

Tratto, a new pizzaria in Santa Monica, CA, approached me to design their web identity. I designed their website, logo, and branding used on products such as business cards.



With specific color palette in mind, the owner of Tratto gave plenty of references to work from for the logo design. In particular, they were adamant on a round logo for the pizza reference.

Most of the work in the logo lay in determining the feel of the restaurant's atmosphere. My first logo drew inspiration from italian storefronts, while the second logo was more modern with a reference to a pizza slice. Here, the owner wanted a less flat design, leading to keeping the drop shadow, adding more color to the logo, and keeping a bold font.

Tratto logo concept 1.
Tratto logo concept 2.
Tratto logo concept 3.
Tratto logo concept 4.
Tratto logo concept 5.


Web Design

The simple color scheme carries over to the website. Because the restaurant relies mostly on word of mouth for their advertising, they wanted a site with most of their information front-of-site.

The menu was built with a menu that could be updated by the client with a form, avoiding the need for them work with any HTML themselves. 

Screenshot of Tratto homepage.
Screenshot of Tratto website navigtation.
Screenshot of Tratto menu page.

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